Widget system consists of two component modes:

  1. Editor for editing existing grid and aging removing components onto it
  2. Display widgets - for static displaying components from earlier created layouts.

Both represented by generic WidgetsComponent that can accept set of props.


  • editable: boolean, defines is it a widgets display page or editor
  • data: any, optional - for passing widgets data directly for displaying widgets
  • user_id: string, optional - to display widgets that are cusomised by/for specific user

Widgets editing/creation component

To use editor you need to import WidgetsComponent from @juicyllama/frontend-core and pass a prop :editable="true" or just editable

Default sizing of widgets can be as follows:

  • Small (3/12 on desktop / 6/12 mobile)
  • Medium (6/12 on desktop / 12/12 mobile)
  • Large (12/12 on desktop / 12/12 mobile)

Each widget contains following fields:

  • Title, client name for widget
  • Desciption, client description for widget
  • Content (enum) - JLTable / JLForm / JLStats / JLChart / etc
  • Page to display a widget
  • Size (enum)

Order of placing a widget and size of a widget (S/M/L) can be edited in a visual editor.

Widgets display component

To use you need to import WidgetsComponent from @juicyllama/frontend-core and set value of source for widgets data.

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