Redoc Options

titleWeb site title (e.g: ReDoc documentation)string
faviconWeb site favicon URLstringFallbacks to the document title if not set
logoLogo optionsLogoOptionsSee LogoOptions table
themeTheme optionsThemeOptionsSee ThemeOptions info
untrustedSpecIf set, the spec is considered untrusted and all HTML/markdown is sanitized to prevent XSS, by default is falseboolean
supressWarningsIf set, warnings are not rendered at the top of documentation (they are still logged to the console)boolean
hideHostnameIf set, the protocol and hostname won't be shown in the operation definitionboolean
expandResponsesSpecify which responses to expand by default by response codes, values should be passed as comma-separated list without spaces (e.g: 200, 201, "all")string
requiredPropsFirstIf set, show required properties first ordered in the same order as in required arrayboolean
sortPropsAlphabeticallyIf set, propeties will be sorted alphabeticallyboolean
showExtensionsIf set the fields starting with "x-" will be shown, can be a boolean or a string with names of extensions to displayboolean
noAutoAuthIf set, redoc won't inject authentication section automaticallyboolean
pathInMiddlePanelIf set, path link and HTTP verb will be shown in the middle panel instead of the right oneboolean
hideLoadingIf set, loading spinner animation won't be shownboolean
nativeScrollbarsIf set, a native scrollbar will be used instead of perfect-scroll, this can improve performance of the frontend for big specsboolean
hideDownloadButtonThis will hide the "Download spec" button, it only hides the buttonboolean
disableSearchIf set, the search bar will be disabledboolean
onlyRequiredInSamplesShows only required fileds in request samplesboolean
authAuth optionsAuthOptionsSee AuthOptions info
AuthOptions info
enabledIf enabled, a prompt will pop out asking for authentication details, default: falseboolean
userUser name, default: adminstring
passwordUser password, default: 123string
tagGroupsTag groups optionsTagGroupOptionsSee Tag Group options
Tag Group options info
nameTag namestring
tagsTag collectionstring
redocVersionSet an specific redoc versionstring,numberBy default it's "latest"

Note: If you want to change your ReDoc theme settings, take a look at the official ReDoc documentation:

Apply the properties defined in ResolvedThemeInterface to the key called "theme" in the redoc options

Logo options

urlThe URL pointing to the spec Logo, must be in the format of a URL and an absolute URLstring
backgroundColorBackground color to be used, must be RGB color in hexadecimal format (e.g: #008080)string#F0F0F0
altTextAlt tag for LogostringPetStore
hrefhref tag for Logo, it defaults to the host used for your API specstring

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