App Store

The app store module allows you to give your users the ability to add app integrations into their projects.

For example, connect their WordPress site to your project and perform actions on their behalf.

Checkout our pre-built frontend components which use these modules.


Follow these instructions to use the app store in your project.


Install the package into your project:

pnpm install @juicyllama/app-store

Api Backend

Import the module into your application:

import { AppsModule } from '@juicyllama/app-store'

    imports: [
        forwardRef(() => AppsModule),

Add the documentation helper into your swagger config

import { installAppStoreDocs } from '@juicyllama/app-store'

//place this below the swagger setup
redoc = installAppStoreDocs(redoc)

Types of apps

The system supports two different types of apps:

CREDENTIALSPass any API keys etc via the app settings or .env
OAUTH2Follows the Oauth flow


When an app is setup as credentials it will check the following to try and find the connection settings:

  • Inside the settings of the installed_app
  • Inside the .env file

This allows both user defined and system defined apps.


To provide the easiest implementation of Oauth2 possible, we have tried to abstract this process where possible.

Follow our Oauth2 process flow here to learn more about how you can install apps via Oauth and also how to build Oauth integration into our app ecosystem.

Supported Apps

We currently support the following apps in the app store

AppConnection Types

PreInstall Checks

Apps can have pre-install checks which are ran automatically when you try to connect a new app via the installed app create endpoints.

In some situations you may want to run the pre-install check before the user starts to create an app (for example via an oauth flow).

You can do this by calling the installed app preinstall endpoint directly.

Parent / Child Apps

Some apps are "whitelabel" or "saas" apps in which other brands use.

For exmaple, Everflow allows brands to whitelabel their app. This means many apps can be added by use the Everflow integration.

For this we introduced Parent/Child apps, this is a way of you specifing in a App the parent app_id. The system will then revert back to the parent app for integration.

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