NestJs Redoc

This is the documentation for the JuicyLlama NestJs Redoc package.

This package works with Express and is not currently supporting Fastify


Install the package into your project:

pnpm install @juicyllama/core


  1. Setup the main DocumentBuilderin your application root (normally main.ts):
import { DocumentBuilder, SwaggerModule } from '@nestjs/swagger'
import { RedocModule, RedocOptions } from '@juicyllama/core'

const swagger_document = new DocumentBuilder()
    .setTitle('Look, i have a title')
    .setDescription('A very nice description')
const document = SwaggerModule.createDocument(app, options)

const redocOptions: RedocOptions = {
    title: 'Hello Nest',
    logo: {
        url: '',
        backgroundColor: '#F0F0F0',
        altText: 'PetStore logo',
    sortPropsAlphabetically: true,
    hideDownloadButton: false,
    hideHostname: false,
    tagGroups: [
            name: 'Core resources',
            tags: ['cats'],

await RedocModule.setup('/docs', app, document, redocOptions)

Redoc Options

Click here for a full list of the redoc options you can pass.

  1. Controllers

You can specify inside your controller that a tag should be added by putting the @ApiTags('cats') above the @Controller

import { ApiTags } from '@nestjs/swagger'

  1. Abstracted Decorators

As part of the JuicyLllama core package we have made available a number of abstracted decorators to handle the most common CRUD operations.

Example Project

If you are just getting started, we recommend setting up our quickstart client project. This will get you up and running quickly adopting framework best practise.

  1. Install the framework
  2. Install the quickstart project

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