The Ahrefs app is a nestjs wrapper around the Ahrefs API. It provides a consistent interface for interacting with Ahrefs within the confines of our framework.

Checkout the Ahrefs documentation for more information.


This app has two options for integration with your project, depending on the context:

Environment Variables

If you require direct integration into one Ahrefs account you can use the following environment variables:


App Store

If you would like to allow your users to connect their own Ahrefs accounts and perform action via their accounts, you can use the app store integration.

The app will be automatically added to your system apps table when you import this module into your application.


Each endpoint (e.g. X) has been separated into its own module. You can import the modules you need into your project.

The following modules are currently supported:

Modules need building...
If you are missing a module, please open an discussion or submit a pull request.You can copy an existing module and update it to reflect another endpoint and submit the code as a pull request.

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