The Google app is a wrapper around different Google APIs. It provides a consistent interface for interacting with the Google within the confines of our framework.

It comes with the added benefit of leveraging a data lake (if you have one setup) to cache the results of your api calls (saving money). Along with logging and other framework benefits.

Contact us to learn more about our data lake solution.


Follow these instructions to use the Google wrapper in your project.


Install the package into your project:

pnpm install @juicyllama/app-google

Environment Variables

Add the following environment variables to your project:



The package is built as a set of modules, you choose which modules you need to import into your project.

Database Configuration

To make use of any of the modules, make sure that in your root module you have imported and configured the TypeOrmModule like so:

import { mongodbConfig } from '@juicyllama/core'
import { Module } from '@nestjs/common'
import { TypeOrmModule } from '@nestjs/typeorm'

    imports: [
export class AppModule {}

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