The AI module allows you to leverage the power of AI in your application. It provides a consistent interface for interacting with AI within the confines of our framework.


Follow these instructions to use the AI module in your project.


Install the package into your project:

pnpm install @juicyllama/ai

You will also need to install the AI engine you wish to use, we currently support:

for example

pnpm install @juicyllama/apps-openai

Follow the instructions to install the relevant AI engine apps you use.

Api Backend

Import the module into your application:

import { AiModule } from '@juicyllama/ai'

    imports: [
        forwardRef(() => AiModule),

If you wish to expose the AI to your end users or frontend directly, you can add the documentation helper into your swagger config

import { installAiDocs } from '@juicyllama/ai'

//place this below the swagger setup
redoc = installAiDocs(redoc)

Visit usage for more details on how to use the package.

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