The ecommerce module is a prebuild module for all things related to ecommerce, this will evolve over time and should save you time if you want to work with everything ecommerce related.


Follow these instructions to use the ecommerce module in your project.


Install the package into your project:

pnpm install @juicyllama/ecommerce

Api Backend

Import the module into your application:

import { EcommerceModule } from '@juicyllama/ecommerce'

    imports: [
        forwardRef(() => EcommerceModule),

API Documentation

You can expose the API documentation for websites as follows

import { installEcommerceDocs } from '@juicyllama/ecommerce'

//place this below the swagger setup
redoc = installEcommerceDocs(redoc)

Ecommerce Apps

We are starting work in the shopify plugin shortly which will sit on top of this and allow you to integrate with shopify stores and import / listen for orders easily.

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